Volunteers are essential in every area of RDA life. From coaches to cake bakers, people support RDA in many different ways – and we always need more. Whatever skills you can bring, giving your time to your local RDA group will mean that more disabled people can enjoy the therapy and fun of horses.

Volunteering with RDA should be rewarding and fulfilling – and we want you to benefit from your time with us. The Isle of Man group has volunteers of all ages, and is a very friendly and welcoming group. As well as helping, and supporting RDA, many have made life-long friendships over the years.

We welcome volunteers of 12 and over, there is no upper age limit and we need a wide range of skills – not just with horses. RDA is a diverse organisation and we are at our best when we bring together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

What do our volunteers do?

No equine experience is necessary, but some roles do require experience. 

Those with no experience can: 

  • Help with hats, boots, and fleeces
  • Side-walking – walk alongside the ponies to aid the rider
  • Help with administration
  • Assist fundraising to keep the group going

Those with experience can:

  • Groom and tack ponies
  • Help the rider mount the pony
  • Lead ponies during the rides

Hot drinks, biscuits and cake are always available!

For more information please contact us through the Contact Page or by calling 07624 315739